AV Installation

Genelec speakers have been chosen for some of the world’s most prestigious installations through their combination of sonic purity, adaptability, ease of installation and total reliability. Doesn’t your AV project deserve the same quality?

AV Installation Solutions for...


Venues need to be welcoming. From interior decor to sound design, each element creates a lasting impression. Sound is one area where choosing the right solution can have a huge effect.

Corporate AV

From the reception area right through to the boardroom, high quality audio is an essential part of conveying a premium business message.

Public Places

From museums and galleries to retail, Genelec delivers a truly premium audio experience, perfectly matched to the environment. Trust us to provide pristine audio quality, a choice of 120 custom colours, and bulletproof reliability.

Music Venues

Genelec fuses power with precision to provide consistent audio quality across the entire venue. We deliver studio-grade clarity, letting the audience appreciate every last musical detail.


Genelec delivers clear and intelligible audio through robust, reliable loudspeaker solutions - helping to improve every student's understanding and maximise their potential.

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