The art of creating in your space

null The art of creating in your space

The art of creating in your space

When it comes to using the space within our own homes to create music, the boundaries of that space are not really physical ones - actually, the only boundary is your imagination.

So the space that you have is really defined by your creativity. I also believe that the space isn’t what you take, it’s what you become part of.

The closer we get to silence, the closer we are to pure sound. When you have that silence in your space, you suddenly become so much more. Your space becomes a source of your inspiration, and where you produce music is no longer limited. It’s possible to create anywhere, share instantly and allow your audience to stream your music into their homes. People’s music making, home life and social life have become inextricably interwoven and inter-dependent.

If you look at Billie Eilish’s recent Grammy success, the term “Bedroom Music” merely signifies that she and her brother Finneas are incredibly talented professionals using their own home to create. This is an amazing development and the more people that embrace it, the better it will become. The current working-from-home situation means that our own space at home has become a very special place - whether it’s for work or music production. This is a possibility that’s now open to everyone.

Our Pro at Home initiative is a recognition that our monitors are increasingly empowering Genelec users to create sound in probably the most comfortable, natural and inspiring spaces of all - their own homes. We are all globally connected now and no generation has had the possibilities that we have - the possibility to be inspired, to create, and to share with the world instantly.

And this special combination is now coming together in the space that we at Genelec call……Pro at Home.

Siamäk Naghian

Managing Director

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