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As the popularity of the home recording studio has evolved, so has our monitoring range. Our extensive family of monitors means that whatever your room size and budget, you can now write and record like a pro.

Be creative, anywhere

These days, great music can be created anywhere, so don’t worry if your setup is small and you have only the most basic of acoustic treatment. The beauty of Genelec monitors is that with their neutral, transparent sound and ability to adapt to your room, you’ll start to hear how your tracks really sound - helping you to produce better mixes that sound fantastic on other people’s systems too.

The professional’s choice

Every sound you hear when writing, recording and mixing is influenced by the quality of your studio monitors - they are arguably your single most important equipment investment, so choose wisely. For over forty years, Genelec monitors have been trusted by the world’s top recording professionals to deliver truthful playback - without any hype or colouration. Doesn’t your music deserve the same?

Challenges we can help you with

Taming difficult room acoustics

Many home studios are by necessity located in a space that is not primarily designed for recording purposes, and so you and your kit need to be adaptable.

While we’d suggest that you consider some basic acoustic treatment and follow our simple recommendations on how to position and set up your monitors (see our Monitor Setup Guide), our design philosophy has always been to minimise the negative acoustic influence of your studio so that you hear much more of your music - and much less of your room!

We achieve this by a combination of clever driver, cabinet and electronic design, meaning that you’ll hear precise, uncoloured audio even if you move your listening position. And with our simple rear-panel room correction switches, or GLM calibration software, you can further optimise your Genelec monitors for your individual studio.

Tight spaces

The advent of the digital audio workstation has empowered a whole generation of music makers to squeeze home studios into the most amazingly small spaces.

It’s natural then that your studio monitors need to be compact - without sacrificing the LF extension and generous playback levels that you need to make accurate decisions when recording and mixing.

Our range of monitors is truly staggering in their ability to deliver a huge sound in a small footprint – due in part to our eco-friendly recycled aluminium enclosures, whose thin walls and large internal volume produce a bass response and SPL that put many physically larger monitors to shame. And with our extensive range of speaker mounts and carry cases, positioning, adjusting and travelling with your Genelecs is easy too.

Sounding good on other systems

There’s nothing more disappointing than hearing your song on someone else’s system and finding that it sounds completely different from the way it sounded in your room.

A common problem in poorly-designed monitors is an over-emphasised bass & treble response, since you are much more likely to dial back the EQ during your recording and mixing to compensate, and so your mix will end up lacking in both LF and HF on other systems.

With Genelec you can be sure that every monitor ships with a beautifully flat, neutral frequency response, and if your room introduces some unwanted effects (i.e. some bass lift when the monitor is close to a wall), we give you the ability to tailor the response of your Genelecs accordingly. No other monitor gives you as much help in producing mixes that sound great - everywhere.


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