Music Production

Every stage of the writing and recording process - from the rough demo to the final release - relies on monitors that tell the absolute truth. So whether you’re working in a bedroom studio or sitting in the finest mastering suite, you can trust Genelec.

Solutions for:

Music Studio

A pair of truly accurate studio monitors are arguably the most important pieces of equipment in any professional recording studio.


Mastering music demands the most critical of listening environments, with monitors that are accurate, revealing…..and unforgiving.

Home Studio & Songwriting

As the popularity of the home recording studio has evolved, so has our monitoring range. Our extensive family of monitors means that whatever your room size and budget, you can now write and record like a pro.

DJ & Electronic Music

Whether your tunes are being played out on a club sound system or a bluetooth home speaker, trust Genelec to help your music sound mint - anywhere.