Active 2-Way Monitors

Each Genelec Active 2-Way Monitor delivers truthful, uncoloured performance that will adapt to your acoustic environment. Whatever your room size and application, there is a monitor here that will help you produce better, more consistent mixes.

8000 Series

8010A Studio Monitor

The 8010A squeezes true reference performance and extended frequency response into an extremely compact package.

8020D Studio Monitor

When it comes to performance versus size, the 8020 has set the benchmark in nearfield monitoring for over 15 years.

8030C Studio Monitor

If you love the compact format of the 8010 and 8020 models but demand higher SPL and more bass extension, meet the 8030C.

8040B Studio Monitor

Experience the true sound of your mix with the astonishing performance and versatility of the 8040B.

8050B Studio Monitor

Nearfield monitoring with real muscle. The 8050B has power in abundance, making it ideally suited to larger spaces and longer listening distances.