Co-operation & Sponsorships

Sponsorship of carefully selected events or projects is a key part of our commitment as a company, and each year we receive many hundreds of requests for sponsorship or donations – which leads to us contributing significant funds and/or equipment to support worthy causes.

As much as we would like to support every great activity and organisation, unfortunately due to our existing sponsorship commitments, relevance and budgetary limitations, we are not able to help all of them. We try to achieve a balance between projects supporting the community, the environment, sport, education, health, the arts, and cultural events.

Also, when evaluating potential sponsorship proposals, we particularly focus on those that align with our brand mission, values and vision, details of which can be found at We favour projects that have a clear connection with our own audio industry, and particularly those which provide some form of education to the recipient.

Please note that Genelec is not able to provide support for:

  • violent, dangerous or extreme behaviour
  • tobacco or alcohol, or other negative impacts on health or the environment
  • gambling or betting
  • discriminating behavior, or spreading of discriminating messages of any kind

Due to the high volume of sponsorship requests, we must politely ask that all requests are submitted online using the application form below. We will contact you in case if we have further questions regarding your application.

Genelec will treat each application confidentially, and any personal information will be used only for the purpose of assessing the application. We require 60 days lead time to evaluate all sponsorship requests, and due to the large number of applications we receive, we are only able to reply to those whose application is approved. If you don´t receive a message from us within 60 days, then your application has regrettably been declined.

Please note that Genelec reserves the right to protect its brand and corporate identity, and the use of any logos, fonts, colours and images associated with Genelec must be consistent with Genelec’s Visual Identity Guidelines. Our marketing personnel are available to assist with all enquiries regarding these guidelines.

Please fill in the application form here:

Sponsorship Form