Main Monitors

Genelec Main Monitors deliver precision reference performance even at high SPLs and long listening distances. And with the power of our GLM calibration software, each one will adapt to your acoustic environment, producing mixes that translate perfectly.

Main Monitors

S360 SAM™ Studio Monitor

The S360A delivers high SPL monitoring without compromising on predictability, speech intelligibility or sound quality.

1237A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Reveal the finest details of your mix with a master of the modern studio - the smart three-way 1237A.

1238A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Our largest three-way design, the 1238A adapts to your acoustic space to deliver high-SPL reference precision.

1238AC SAM™ Studio Monitor

Shaped by decades of engineering expertise and armed with the power of Smart Active Monitoring technology, the 1238AC is a centre channel monitor designed for the most demanding applications.

1238DF SAM™ Studio Monitor

The super-compact dimensions of the 1238DF allow it to partner with an accompanying subwoofer to deliver main monitor performance in rooms where space is at a real premium.

1234A SAM™ Studio Monitor

Built to exceed expectations at the highest levels, the 1234A smart active studio monitor is the trusted choice of professionals, with a feature set to match.

1234AC SAM™ Studio Monitor

The 1234AC is a smart main studio monitor for use in demanding film and post production work, where perf screen or hi-res LED displays are employed.

1236A SAM™ Studio Monitor

The flagship of our range. The intelligence of the 1236A is seamlessly integrated into the finest example of acoustic engineering yet produced in more than 40 years of Genelec history.