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Want to level up your audio productions? Whether you work in a pro studio, home studio or temporary space, our world-renowned monitoring loudspeakers – designed and built in Finland to the highest possible standards – offer reference listening you can fully rely on to help you reach your ambitions.

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The key to making audio sound professional

No matter what level you work at, high-quality, truthful monitoring loudspeakers are the best, most important tool available to help you create professional-sounding audio. They're built specially to provide a faithful reproduction of audio while also revealing its finest details, so you can hear exactly how your project really sounds. With this vital sonic information, it's possible to make the best engineering decisions – so your audio sounds right for listeners everywhere.

Since 1978, Genelec has specialised in providing the highest standard of active audio monitoring for studios of all types, shapes and sizes. Our many solutions – covering stereo to immersive – are known throughout the industry for sophisticated acoustic design, high-quality components, decades-long reliability, honest sound, strong sustainability credentials and the ability to adapt to any room – qualities present at every level of our extensive range. So, whatever your individual needs and project size, we're confident you'll find your perfect studio monitoring solution here.

Advanced adaption completes the picture

If you have especially challenging room acoustics, move your setup around, require the absolute highest level of accuracy or work with multichannel or immersive projects, our advanced Smart Active (SAM) Monitors offer the flexibility and precision you need. Since 2006, our ever-growing SAM Monitoring range has worked with Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software to automatically adapt to any space, creating a standard trusted by professionals everywhere. Today, we continue to develop and refine this technology using data extracted from thousands of real-world rooms – making it ever more powerful.

Recently, GLM expanded to include GRADE Room Acoustic Reporting, which provides in-depth analysis of both your SAM Monitoring and room performance. GRADE's easy-to-read PDF reports are delivered in minutes, allowing you to easily learn about and fine-tune your SAM Monitoring system layout and room acoustic treatment – or simply consult with an acoustic expert. No other monitoring solution on the market offers such detailed reporting.

Smart Active (SAM) Monitors & Subwoofers

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Designed to adapt, SAM Monitoring uses GLM software to automatically optimise itself for the room – even in challenging spaces.

Bridge seamlessly with additional monitoring

SAM and GLM are key elements of our UNIO Platform eco-system concept, which we've built to ensure the closest possible integration of our SAM Monitors, software, services and any stereo in-room or headphone monitoring set. By intelligently enhancing and fine-tuning the consistency between in-room and headphone monitoring, UNIO makes it easy for you to switch seamlessly between monitoring options. Whether you're in the studio or on the road, connectivity and control from our compact 9320A device makes setting up and using UNIO simple and flexible, so you can access tailored, professional reference listening – using in-room or headphone monitoring – wherever you are, and build a faster, better workflow.

In addition, our completely personalised Aural ID UNIO element allows you to achieve highly accurate spatial perception – from stereo to immersive – over headphones, enabling you to work on headphones in a way that translates consistently to in-room systems.

Active Monitors & Subwoofers

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Our industry-standard two-way nearfield monitors and subwoofers, where class-leading sound and simple analogue connectivity meet.

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