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George Lucas is quoted as saying that ‘sound is 50% of the movie-going experience’. So it’s essential that your post production equipment includes the world’s finest monitoring tools.

Attention to detail

Audio post production for television and film requires huge attention to detail, and your studio monitors should serve as a microscope for your sound – providing uncoloured transparency, pinpoint imaging, and allowing you hear every single nuance of the soundscape. For decades Genelec has been the number one choice for any post engineer who insists on absolute monitoring precision.

Working remotely?

Right now, you may be working remotely in a confined space with challenging acoustics. Our range of compact monitors enables you to equip even the smallest of rooms with a monitoring system that will intelligently adapt to your environment. So we’ll help you make informed and accurate mix decisions swiftly – even on long, complex sessions.

Challenges we can help you with

Getting mixes to translate

A renowned post engineer recently told us ‘when you get it right on a Genelec, it's right everywhere’. So trust us to help your mixes translate beautifully, every time.

These days, the content that you deliver could be broadcast via a diverse range of platforms and playback devices, and the viewer’s expectations have never been higher. That’s why your studio monitors need to provide an absolute reference, without artificial hype or colouration: only then can you be sure that you are hearing ‘the truth’, and can mix with confidence.

Inferior monitors often suffer from a distinctly unbalanced frequency response, making it impossible to correctly judge a mix’s quality, and leading you to apply corrective EQ just to compensate for the monitor’s shortcomings. By contrast, every Genelec monitor leaves our factory with a beautifully flat frequency response, with the ability to adapt to your studio environment via simple rear-panel room correction EQ switches, or our powerful GLM calibration software if you choose our range of smart active monitors.

Consistency of sound

Genelec’s extensive family of monitors and subwoofers means that whatever the studio sizes and listening distances in your facility, you can achieve an amazing degree of consistency between rooms.

From our most compact nearfield to our largest full-range monitor, our users will tell you how consistent the sound is across the entire range. Every model carries the same Genelec DNA that results in neutral playback, amazing directivity and a wide sweet spot with a distinct lack of colouration both on and off axis. Add to that the ability to optimise our monitors for each of your rooms using our onboard room compensation EQ - or the GLM calibration software feature of our smart active monitors – and you have the perfect monitor family for equipping a multi-room facility.

This is a real benefit to both house and visiting engineers, both of whom will instantly feel comfortable with what they are hearing – even when sitting in a room for the first time. No time will be wasted ‘learning the room’, thereby giving you maximum efficiency.

Embracing immersive audio

After cinema, the emergence of OTT broadcasting is helping to further drive the growth of immersive content, and this presents both opportunities and challenges for the broadcast audio world.

Mixing in immersive allows the engineer to create a sense of envelopment and realism like never before, but as channel count and mix complexity increases, the need for neutral, uncoloured monitor playback with precise imaging becomes even more important. Genelec offers a scalable monitoring solution for any size of immersive audio application – from the smallest mix room to the largest dubbing theatre, but there are some important criteria to be aware of….

Reliable immersive mixing depends on every monitor in your system being accurately aligned for level, distance and frequency response – and no solution does this better than Genelec smart active monitors, which integrate with our GLM calibration software to ensure that every monitor in the system delivers a consistent and truthful sound character – whatever the room.


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