Warranty and Product Lifetime

Genelec products are renowned for their bulletproof reliability and extremely long lifespan. For decades, we've been building long-lasting solutions for audio professionals, starting with our very first S30 studio monitor back in 1978. And although we've expanded our horizons since then to include home listening and AV installation loudspeakers alongside professional monitors, we've always remained dedicated to making our solutions to last for long.

Today we still respond to requests for repairs and spare parts for products manufactured even in the early 1980s – and we're able to service most of them. We carry a substantial spare parts inventory for all the models manufactured during the company’s long history. Spare parts availability is guaranteed for many years (a minimum of 5 years) after production has been discontinued. In all cases, we'll provide service beyond the warranty time as long as we're able to source the appropriate spare parts.

Warranty Terms

All Genelec products are supplied with a minimum of 2 years warranty (from the date of purchase) against, though extremely rare but possible, manufacturing faults or defects that might impact on the product's performance. During that time Genelec and its distributors will cover the cost of warranty service.

As part of Genelec's sustainability programme, we provide an extended period of 3 years, in addition to the standard 2-year warranty. This extended 5-year warranty is applied to all registered products, for which proof of purchase is mandatory.

To qualify for our extended 5-year warranty, register your Genelec product via the button below.

Product Registration

Please note: We recommend purchasing products locally to ensure access to local support and service. It's important to note that purchasing from abroad may lead to variations in warranty coverage.