Audio research demands the finest precision tools. The unrivalled accuracy and consistency of Genelec monitors has made us the preferred choice of researchers the world over.

Bang & Olufsen chooses Genelec for its Virtual Reality Laboratory.

Transparent performance

Flat frequency response, controlled directivity and supremely uncoloured on- and off-axis response are all design attributes that make Genelec the perfect research monitoring tool - offering transparent performance, free from artificial hype and unwanted artefacts.

A Multi-Channel Experiment at Huddersfield University

Predictably precise

Whether you’re an academic institution or a commercial organisation, the monitors you use for audio research also need to provide a flexible, scalable solution from mono to high channel count immersive audio. The power of our GLM software allows you to build and manage complex arrays of Genelec smart active monitors to offer precise, controlled, predictable performance.

Challenges we can help you with

Configuration and Calibration

Every Genelec monitor has the ability to adapt to the room environment. While our Classic series models offer simple rear panel room compensation switches, our Smart Active monitors integrate tightly with GLM software to allow a much more powerful set of speaker management tools.

With GLM, you can configure, calibrate and control Genelec smart monitor systems in-situ from mono though to complex immersive audio formats, with the ability to fine tune each monitor for frequency response, level and distance delay - and switch between formats quickly and easily.

This gives you precise, reliable, repeatable results - no matter how complex the playback environment.


As different projects develop, you’ll need a flexible ‘building block’ approach to sound sources, enabling you to reconfigure your monitoring system if required.

Genelec helps you achieve this in a number of ways.

Firstly, building and managing a system of our Smart Active monitors is child’s play using GLM software, and whether you use GLM’s AutoCal function to automatically align the system, or choose to go deeper and manually optimise each monitor, the choice is yours.

Secondly, all our compact active monitors squeeze staggering performance into a deceptively small form factor – so even as your channel count goes up, you won’t run out room!

Immersive Audio

As companies strive to achieve credible personal binaural delivery of immersive audio, both direct sound and reflections have to be rendered specifically for each individual listener, including real-time head and body movements. The processing burden on a binaural reproduction system is therefore significant, and the data it is built on must be as accurate as possible.

As a result, a fine immersive experimental system is at the heart of any subjective test and data gathering. All Genelec monitors excel in this application, but The Ones point source monitors are particularly unique in their lack of colouration of both direct sound and reflections, thus removing the most serious obstacle in immersive audio research.