Genelec kicks off new video series Home Studio Transformations

null Genelec kicks off new video series Home Studio Transformations

Genelec kicks off new video series Home Studio Transformations

Genelec and our trusted room treatment partner, Konto Acoustics, is delighted to showcase the very first episode of our entertaining new reality series, Home Studio Transformations, which sees us documenting a run of interesting small studio construction projects and giving viewers the valuable chance to learn more about real-world audio solutions from our highly experienced team of experts.

Each episode, set in a different quality-conscious household, will take you behind the scenes as our host creatives plan and build their perfect home studio. To get the best possible results, our hosts design everything in close cooperation with our dream team of audio specialists: long-time Genelec technical engineering duo, Darren Rose and Jussi Väisänen, and Konto Acoustics expert Sami Laitila.

Throughout the series, you'll benefit from a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that'll help you to create your own exceptional workspace for audio, whether it's at home or in a small room elsewhere. You can expect to discover the most common issues faced by home studio builds and understand a range of practical solutions for overcoming them. This includes advice for choosing and adapting loudspeaker systems for different room types, tips for counteracting unwanted sound reflections and much more.

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your personal recording and listening space or you’re simply curious about how audio specialists approach the often-challenging acoustic environments found in homes, this is the perfect series for you!

Kicking our new series off with a special two-parter, Episode One takes us to the idyllic holiday home of celebrated Finnish Interior Designer, Milla Alftan, and her partner, Music Producer Kristian Maukonen, who've made plans for a small music making studio and a secondary listening space. The video follows the project from our team's first inspection of the couple's empty rooms all the way to the final testing of the completed studio and entertainment rooms. English subtitles are available by turning on closed captions.

Simply click the videos below to start watching.

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