Genelec Launches "Ask Izzy" Video Series

null Genelec Launches "Ask Izzy" Video Series

Genelec Launches "Ask Izzy" Video Series

Izzy Akdikmen, Genelec Inc. Product Support Specialist, knows first-hand what some of the most frequently asked questions are, which has led to the launch of “Ask Izzy,” our newest series of 1 to 2 minute educational videos offering valuable information for any fan, follower, or Genelec enthusiast.

Topics will range from primers on Genelec-specific technology to questions on monitoring in general. Episodes posted so far include “Bass Management Routing” and “Saving Your SAM Files”, with future episodes to cover “How to Get Your GRADE Report”, “Vertical vs Horizontal placement”, and many more.

Having studied at the New England School of Communications at Husson University, Izzy graduated with a degree in Communications Technology, with a focus in Audio Engineering. She has experience working as a recording and mixing engineer, which she continues to do in her spare time. Izzy has been passionate about drumming for most of her life, and she is currently learning the bass guitar as well.

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