null Genelec helps UNITY redefine work-life integration across the Nordics

Genelec helps UNITY redefine work-life integration across the Nordics


Helsinki, Finland, August 2023… An innovative new brand born in the Nordics, UNITY is designed to seamlessly integrate work and life whilst developing a strong sense of community, offering busy professionals everything they need under one roof – beautifully designed, fully furnished accommodation; a variety of workspaces from private offices and conference rooms to creative co-working areas; a fully equipped gym; event spaces; an elegant lounge and bar, and in some locations a rooftop terrace. Currently boasting seven locations throughout the Nordics, the most recently opened – Helsinki and Tampere – are equipped with high quality Genelec sound systems in the public and function areas, including a Smart IP system in the Helsinki location – all specified and installed by specialist Espoo-based AV integrators, AVconcept Oy.

“The brief was to create a welcoming atmosphere with a distinct signature for the UNITY brand and bring it to life with high quality audio,” explains Tina Kaikkonen, General Manager for UNITY Finland. “We collaborated with Tunebutler – a DJ group from Denmark – to curate playlists for the entire UNITY group, ensuring a consistent audio experience across all our locations."

In Helsinki, an additional requirement was to establish different audio environments for the lobby; a multi-purpose area referred to as the 'barception.' Serving as both a reception and a café-bar with a lounge, plus an open-plan co-working space on a half-mezzanine, this area needed easy audio management to cater to various moods and times of the day. "The café-bar plays louder music, especially during evenings when it transforms into a bar and event space. However, we didn't want the audio spilling over into the co-working areas, disturbing guests trying to work. So, we focused on providing high-quality background music that sets the right mood without being intrusive,” explains Kaikkonen. “As for the reception, we aimed to envelop our guests in a sound barrier to ensure private conversations with our team members.” Additionally, the eighth-floor rooftop bar and terrace with its stunning Helsinki views can accommodate DJs for events.

AVconcept opted for Genelec Smart IP networked loudspeaker systems throughout the lobby ‘barception’ – specifically two 4420s and two 4430s. There are also a pair of 4430s in the gym and four 4430s plus a 7050 sub in the panoramic rooftop events space – which is also capable of hosting a DJ. The flexible meeting rooms are equipped with Genelec’s ubiquitous 4000 Series loudspeakers for ease and convenience, with a pair of 4020s in each space.

“We wanted to offer the best audio solution that serves the customer’s purpose most efficiently,” explains AVconcept CEO Harri Kiukas. “Genelec – as a high-quality Finnish brand that combines premium audio with aesthetic appeal – is the ideal solution. Their active designs eliminate the need for bulky external amplifiers, and the Smart IP systems deliver power, audio and control over a single CAT cable, simplifying cable planning and reducing overall cabling. We used Genelec’s Smart IP Manager software to set up and calibrate the systems, which worked like a dream.”

In Tampere, the lobby and function space are entirely separate, resulting in different audio requirements. Like it’s Helsinki counterpart, the lobby requires background music that gently envelops private conversations around the reception desk. However, the brief was more complex for the events space which can be divided into multiple meeting rooms or utilised as a single large events space with microphone support. The large café/restaurant in Tampere also boasts a Genelec loudspeaker system.

For Tampere, AVconcept chose a 4000 Series solution. The reception area enjoys four 4020s for ambient music, while the café/restaurant boasts eight compact 4010s. The events/function space is equipped with eight powerful 4040 loudspeakers. AV control at both locations is managed via Extron over a Dante network, with local control through Extron's AV control panels, offering easy source selection and level control.

UNITY’s Tina Kaikkonen is thrilled with the results: “Genelec's world-class Nordic brand aligns perfectly with UNITY's values. We believe that we showcase the best of the Nordics, from furniture and design to functionality. Genelec's sustainability credentials, company integrity, and commitment to delivering exceptional service were key factors in our partnership decision.

“Our AV systems seamlessly blend audio and video, allowing for easy switching between DJ setups, corporate AV configurations, and background mood music,” she continues. “When we’re showing people around, we’re always proud to show off our audio equipment. We’ve had lots of positive feedback on delivering excellent sound quality, but also for having chosen such a well-respected Finnish brand.”

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