null Genelec UNIO and 8381A to make U.S. debuts at AES New York 2023

Genelec UNIO and 8381A to make U.S. debuts at AES New York 2023


NATICK, MA, October 11, 2023Genelec, the leader in active monitoring technology for 45 years, will be introducing its new UNIO audio monitoring platform and 8381A point source main monitor to the U.S. market at the upcoming AES New York 2023 Convention, taking place Wednesday, October 25, through Friday, October 27, at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.

UNIO brings together all the benefits of Genelec Smart Active Monitors™, GLM 5.0 calibration software and Aural ID 2.0 technology to create seamless integration between professional in-room loudspeaker and headphone monitoring services. At the heart of UNIO is the new 9320A Reference Controller, which offers flexible connectivity, a reference grade headphone output and tactile hardware control of Smart Active Monitors, GLM and Aural ID – providing a compact and exceptional hub for both static and mobile professional audio monitoring applications.

Designed for high-end music recording, mastering and audiophile listening, the 8381A Smart Active Monitoring system is a flagship floor-standing Adaptive Point Source design that fuses exceptional precision and envelopment with unrivalled LF control, huge headroom and high-resolution imaging. Creating a free-standing full range monitoring solution that can intelligently adapt to any acoustic environment, the 8381A allows audio professionals to produce accurate full-band mixes that translate consistently to other rooms and playback systems.

Visitors to AES New York can experience these new additions to the Genelec family by visiting Room 3D01, where a mammoth state-of-the-art immersive Smart Active Monitoring system will feature two 8381As as main L-R, an 8361A with W371A woofer system in the center position, four 8351Bs for surrounds and four 8341As for overheads – all complemented by two 7380A subwoofers and calibrated specifically for the room using GLM software. Also on demo will be a nearfield system featuring a stereo pair of 8331As with the 9320A controller, demonstrating how the UNIO platform allows seamless integration of professional in-room loudspeaker and headphone monitoring services, for a smooth, uninterrupted workflow. Stop by to get a personal demo of these powerful systems from Genelec’s team of friendly experts.

Additionally, Genelec will feature a number of guest speakers and lecturers throughout the convention. Thomas Lund, Senior Technologist at Genelec, has curated a program featuring some of the most respected names in professional audio today, with Lund as moderator for each session. Wednesday will feature “Integrating Dynamics Processing into a Parametric EQ Filter” with Duane Wise and George Massenburg; and “Enveloping Masterclass” sessions with Ulrike Schwarz, Morten Lindberg and Li Dakang. Thursday will feature “Safe Listening in Pro Audio” with Deanna Meinke and Petteri Hyvärinen; and “Enveloping Masterclass” sessions with Florian Camerer, George Massenburg and Ronald Prent. Friday will feature “Immersive Listening Standards” with Jim Austin and Ronald Prent; and “Enveloping Masterclass” sessions with Richard King and Hyunkook Lee. For the complete program including session times and locations, please click here.

Genelec can be found in Room 3D01 at AES New York, and for more information, please visit