null Genelec visits Colombian virtual sound artist Juan Carlos Vasquez

Genelec visits Colombian virtual sound artist Juan Carlos Vasquez

We recently had the pleasure of visiting avid Genelec user and award-winning Colombian Composer, Sound Artist and widely published Researcher, Juan Carlos Vasquez, at his compact home studio in the heart of Helsinki. There, he unpacked the creative process behind his innovative new gamified immersive virtual sound experience, Ecstasy / Light / Inertia, which is due for release in late 2023.

Vasquez is an internationally recognised specialist in electroacoustic music, a genre characterised by the electronic manipulation of traditional acoustic instruments and vocals, which is then amplified with loudspeakers. Vasquez’s well-received compositions have enchanted audiences all over the world, with regular performances held at prestigious venues in more than 30 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Reflecting the academic and cultural importance of his work, Vasquez has received grants and commissions from several significant institutions, including the ZKM Center for Art and Media, the Sibelius Academy Foundation, the Finnish National Gallery and the Royal College of Music in London. With his research published by a string of key players in the academic music world and his work earning him acclaim from – among others – the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Audio Engineering Society, Juan Carlos has quickly risen to notoriety.

In our exclusive video interview, Juan Carlos touches upon the societal value of gamified sound experiences, which can be a highly inclusive way of providing access to the arts, requiring only the use of a computer. He also gives unique insight into his very own immersive virtual sound experience titled Ecstasy / Light / Inertia, showing clips of the project – and explaining what drives his creative decision making and how he's been implementing the build.

Juan Carlos powers his home studio creativity with Smart Active Monitoring courtesy of eight 8320As, two 8330As and a 7350A subwoofer – all calibrated and controlled by Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software.

Genelec | Exploring gamified immersive sound art with acclaimed Composer Juan Carlos Vasquez

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